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Powered by the British School of Outdoor Education. Supporting Teens at this critical time with T Levels, designed with leading businesses and employers to give teens the knowledge and skills they need to make choices after GCSE The BBC reports Schools are now pulling plugs off other qualifications to replace with T-Skills.

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1st Phase of Qualifications

  • Develop Leadership Skills
  • Project Management Skills
  • Socio Emotional Learning

2nd Phase of Qualifications

  • T-levels English
  • T-Levels Maths
  • T-Levels Digital Literacy

3rd Phase of Qualifications-After WAEC/GCSE

  • Core theory, concepts and skills for an industry area
  • An industry placement with an employer
  • Apply for Jobs or further Education

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Phase 1 Course Details

Phase 1

Leadership Skills

Vision, Mission, Planning. Leaders must have a vision in order to persuade others to follow them. Students will practice how to incorporate the vision, mission, and planning in putting together events. They will learn how to use brainstorming and storyboarding to come up with ideas

Phase 1

Project Management Certificate

Projects don't just happen, people make them happen. Successful projects require effective teamwork. Teens need to know who's responsible for what, and how they are going to work together to achieve successful results

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Lesson 4

Socio Emotional Learning

Teen Develop core competencies...

  • Self Awarenes.
  • Time Management
  • Social Awareness
  • Relationship Skills
  • Responsible decision-making
  • Relevant and Recognised Certificate

T-Level English

Fundamental applied skills in English communication i.e. Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening

T-Level Digital Literacy

Digital literacy refers to an individual's ability to find, evaluate, and compose clear information through writing and other media on various digital platforms

Core theory, concepts and skills for an industry area

A child chooses a career path, studies theory, concepts and skills in that industry

An industry placement with an employer


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